I make a BASIC language software, hoping it running on DevTerm

Missing old days of programming in Basic language on Apple ][, waiting for release of DevTerm. I programmed this Basic language software. The Basic intepreter is PyBasic. I programmed the console software.

There are two color themes:

Source code is here:

The screen resolution is not the same as DevTerm, it would be easy to modify when I get my DevTerm!


The second color theme:


Awesome! I like it. I also want to program a LISP interpreter with that old style console some time in near future.

Should not be too hard as there are lots of LISP interpreter available, just need to make a fancy terminal around!

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This is really cool! I love this! Thanks for putting in the work to make it. A fun way to experience basic on modern hardware! It’s currently on my Pi4 and I’ll definitely be looking into on the DevTerm when it eventually ships! Thanks again!

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bookmarked this for l8r. def wanna spin this up