[XFCE] DevTerm ricing

I’m not into i3 and the pi would burn running pop shell(GNOME4), so I figure I could just stay with XFCE for a while.

Getting along with a new machine = ricing :slight_smile:
Here’s what I’ve got after a few hours tweaking:

Ergonomics should be OK due to high contrast and lack of gradients in the UI. I can use higher brightness with this green/cyan-on-black color scheme.

A vertical task bar really makes sense in this form factor. Bonus: tweak dpi from 96 to 86 to shrink everything a little bit.

Main font: terminus 12pt, super sharp bitmap font.

GTK themes:


Nice setup. Thanks for sharing.

I ended up using WindowMaker but I didn’t have to do much to it out of the box as it already puts the dock vertically.

Yeah WindowMaker also captures that retro future feeling very well!

Thanks for highlighting neofetch. Something new to add to my list of apps. :+1: