Keyboard connection problems

I’ve assembled my unit and I’m having trouble with the keyboard. In its assembled state the pogo pins don’t make a good contact with the motherboard, so to get it to work I need to push down on part of the keyboard near the pins for it to make contact.

It seems the case isn’t strong enough to hold it in place tightly enough.

Any suggestions what I can do to fix this? One option is to solder tiny wires to the pins and the contacts on the motherboard, but I’m not sure there’s enough room in the case for the wires.

Maybe @Godzil can give some insights about assembly. I would wait first to see if there are some assembly tricks to be performed before trying other hardware solutions like the wires.

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I’ve not had any problems with mine, so I think the design is sound. I would recommend you look carefully to make sure there is nothing in the way of closing like flashing from the molds, and that the front of the case is getting clipped together. Do any of your pieces appear warped?
If you do the solder route, I’ve had a lot of luck using polyimide (Kapton) tape to cover the solder joins and hold the wires in place. The tape also works as a mask to keep the hot iron from damaging nearby bits (as polyimide is very heat resistant). I’ve not soldered on my DevTerm yet, but I’ve done plenty on Pi0 and other projects, you can fit a lot of stuff in a small space if you use thin wires (30-gauge “wire wrap” solid wire for example). Use a fine gauge of Kynar (PVDF insulated) wire for good results.

The way the keyboard connect is a press fit solution. You need to apply a little bit of force (but not much) for both the keyboard and the orange layer to stick together in the right position.

If the keyboard is in the right position, closing the lid should be really easy and once the bottom hooks are set; it should stay flush with the bottom layer. If it does not, that mean that something is not in place.

The case should not really apply any force on the internal when you are closing it.


My keyboard also didn’t work at first. Then I tried to connect a keyboard via USB. But that didn’t work either. So I figured, that something else must be wrong.

I took out the CPU core module and re-seated it. That fixed it for me. It seemed to be a bad connection between the module and the socket.

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Interesting but make sense, as it use USB lines that are directly connected to the SoM, it can be dirty enough for the connection to be bad.

When you mount the SoM, make sure to not touch the golden connectors!

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