Raspberry Pi CM4 keyboard and trackball not working

I need some assistance with my Raspberry Pi CM4. After turning it on, I noticed that my keyboard and trackball are not working. I have tried re-seating the core as suggested, but the issue persists. Any advice or troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.

It’s connected with four pogo pins to USB. I’d recommend cleaning the pins and contacts with isopropyl alcohol, and maybe trying a different SD card to make sure this isn’t a software issue.

Which distro are you using? The one that came on the included SD card?

Once you’ve ruled out reseating the board, cleaning the pogo pins, and swapping out the SD card, I’d email alex@clockworkpi.com to see if you can get a replacement keyboard board.

just ssh into it or use external keyboard, run dmesg -w and check if loosening face plate makes usb-related messages appear in log.

if yes - post them here, we’ll cummulatively troubleshoot :smiley: if not you have to ensure that pogo pins are making good connection to mainboard. You can also test keyboard externally -after all it’s usb device so some random clips and usb plug would allow you to troubleshoot device externally.

After remounting the core, the keyboard and trackball problem is fixed. Thank you, everyone for helping with the problem!