Keyboard layouts for devTerm

Will there be the option for Nordic keyboard layouts for the devTerm?

After I moved to Norway i really find myself needing the extra letters.

So new types of these projects include it.
Give how modular the system appears having options for the keyboard looks easy.
I would pay more for it with a Nordic layout :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome to the community @Z88Crocodile. I think so because it is so modular. Just ask in this topic. New Clockwork device: The DevTerm

It will be programmable, so you can change it as long as you have good memory of where each key should be :smiley: I don´t know if you could also find stickers for it.


The markings on the keys themselves is not much of an issue.
But the layout of a Nordic keyboard (and many Europeans) are different.
The easiest way to tell is the shape and size of the Enter key.
To accommodate that there are some adjustments in place.

If it could come with a standard Europea layout then that is super.
I dont need markings on the keys.

The US keyboard is harder to work with.

That would be OS dependent. And given that most Debian distros let you change layouts, I’d say yes; seeing as the current official OS is Debian based.

I’m more curious about what is happening with the clockwork OS. The gameshell has a “desktop” mode, although personally I don’t find it that useable.

There are only three types of keyboard in the world, ANSI, ISO and JIS. Each country basically picks one of the three, then prints their own legends on the keys. Everything else is handled by software.

You can easily tell them apart, as only ISO and JIS keyboards have L-shaped (“bigass”) Enter keys, and JIS keyboards have much smaller space bars than ANSI and ISO.

You’re planning to touch type on a 190x78mm keyboard??

Keys are normally 18mm apart, but the DevTerm’s are closer to 11mm.

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