Keyboard stuttering? (press or release not registered)

is anyone experiencing key stroke (either press or release of the key) not registered by the system? causing repetitve letter showing up when typing?
the issue became pretty bad for me when a youtube video is playing in the background

Hi ! Do you have upgraded your keyboard firmware?

It rarely happens to me and only through start up, maybe its best to update keyboard like kirou said. Maybe its a connection issue and its solved by taking it all a part and putting it together again

yup i did upgrade to the version with holding fn key to enable trackball scroll

normally it happens occasionally but under heavy load somehow it worsen it to a point where it is unusable

oh yes, I have seen this quite a feeeeeeeeeeew times.
keys got randomly stuck, and the spacebar is a common victim.
i hope to get back to the community soon, this looks like a good start point.