Trackball not responsive

Just curious if my unit is somewhat defective. Is the trackball usable? Mine skips around a lot and is not very accurate, so just wondering if I got a lemon.

Thank you!

if you need more accurate,press FN + trackball

Thank you for the reply, I wasn’t concerned about being more precise. What I meant is that sometimes it doesn’t even register when I scroll the ball. Are you not having this issue? or perhaps I just have a different expectation.

so only trackball will lose control? not the entire keyboard?

that is new to me

yes the keyboard is fine, it’s just when I move the ball around sometimes it register sometimes it doesn’t

i think the sensor’s just a little janky. if you apply light pressure and stick to cardinal directions it moves pretty consistently.

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double-check the trackball if is intact
if you can not sure, just upload a picture here for all of us to verify

and the last, if the trackball is broken, send an email to

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Im attaching a video here. Not sure if you can see how aggressive I am rolling the ball in the video. The cursor won’t respond if i move the ball lightly. Is this normal? I tried adjusting mouse sensitivity from the software side but it doesn’t make any difference.

it seems like the acceleration or response curve is set up in a way that makes trackballing unintuitive (ie, you would expect the mouse to move more/faster than if you move it slowly)

there should be a simple way of configuring this, as many people have reported confusion as to why their trackballs function in such a way

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Yes the acceleration is a bit weird

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Maybe I just need to get used to it then! Thank you all for the response!

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If you feel adventurous, you can also play with the code running on the keyboard

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yeah, look into changing the sensitivity, acceleration and bounce interval for the trackball. i haven’t recieved my A06 yet but i’ll try to figure out the best way to make changes to the DT trackball.