Leads on E-Ink?

Has anybody looked into e ink screens for the uconsole? I cannot find a compatible size.

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I’m curious to why?
E-ink has a 1Hz refresh rate in most

Dasung super high refresh technology is 40Hz… or so… But they are full size monitors…

But, check pimoroni…

They have some kits…maybe useful to your idea…

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The vast majority of eink displays are sourced through Waveshare, have a look there, mass of sizes, shapes etc.

But as mentioned, not really seeing a practical use case for the Uconsole with an eink display as a replacement for the current screen. Remember as well the screen doesnt directly connect to the Pi, it has an intermediary display board to connect to the SPI.

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That’s actually not so bad if most of what you are doing is reading. On the RISC-V, just informally (powertop), it seems to use about half the power of the A06: the majority of power usage is from the backlight on the screen. So if you’re reading, 1Hz isn’t bad, probably 5Hz is usable for text interfaces.

On the other hand, it’s probably easier to just plug an e-ink display into the micro-HDMI port. I expect that a display that is pin-compatible with the stock display is going to probably going to be the same tech, an e-ink display is going to be very different.

There are very few HDMI e-ink displays out there and the ones there are are NOT cheap. Cheapest Waveshare e-ink HDMI display is $350 USD for a 9.7".

You could try and and use a second hand Onyx Boox Max e-ink tablet (android tablet with e-ink display and HDMI. You MAY find one at ebay of the like for about $350, advantage is they come in an A4 or Letter size display

I can already get by with just an e ink dumb phone (mudita) and a rooted tablet (onyx boox). I don’t care about touchscreen though, I don’t need anything fancy, I don’t like led/lcd on the eyes, I do like portability, linux, and the idea of risc-v. Also, say I had a section of map on screen, I could leave it on that screen indefinitely. Basic phone, basic reader and basic web browser is all I am looking for - if I use Tor, it is already slow. It should still be able to hold a display for any sensor plugin I choose as well.