uConsole - Alternate Display

Does anyone know where we might source an OLED or maybe capacitive touchscreen in the same 65x120mm /w MIPI interface?

AliExpress has many options though I thought perhaps someone in Shenzhen might know exactly where to find a drop in compatible alternative?

I havent gotten mine yet, is there an issue with the included display or are you just wanting a functionality upgrade?

Wants to see if they can upgrade from the stock screen for a potentially higher quality screen or attempt to add touchscreen functionality.

No issues as yet repored with the stock screen

Current screen seems more than adequate. A touch screen sounds like a good idea, but in practice the control elements in a typical GUI are so small in this screen format, that a touch screen would be useless.


Yea I’m actually most interested to see if there is a quick and easy OLED with maybe a higher resolution (QHD would be amazing).

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Since my screen has a stuck red pixel I wholeheartedly support any alt screen options :sweat_smile:

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I use this at work frequently If i get monitors with stuck pixels: JScreenFix - JavaScript Screen Pixel Repair, all you do is move the box on the webpage to over the pixel and leave it for a good long while with the screen on. If that doesn’t work the pixel is probably dead dead.

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Has it ever worked on a stuck pixel? I remain skeptical it’s ever actually unstuck anything.


It does actually work, but only about 60-65%% of the time. Stuck pixels used to be a lot more common back when LCD and LED screens were still a new thing. I used to have an executable on a floppy for Windows 2000/Windows ME that would open a tiny window and go between flashing the static pattern this site uses and solid red green and blue flashes. I think it was called “Pixel Unsticker” or something.

I use an external flat screen - (it’ is mini HDMI ) the micro to mini HDMI has been a problem with some cables - the DevTerm has a port cover that adds about ~1/8" of thickness some micro HDMI plugs do not have a long enough barrel to engage the port… then there are some compatibility issues with external monitors… I’ve yet to find a micro HDMI to HDMI cable that works and I’ve tried several…

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Just got these and they work perfectly:

Pete B.


That’s good to know because I’ve had trouble making HDMI’s work with the DevTerm…

canakit makes a cable, comes with their enclosure for the pi4… the enclosure is also a heatsink… pretty beefy too… Haven’t recieved my uConsole yet… but i have an extra cable here waiting to try…

I just want to update here that Alex and the Clockwork team promptly sent me a replacement screen after I sent them the photos of my stuck pixel one. The new one doesn’t seem to have any issues thankfully. I know some folks are impatiently waiting for updates on their orders but this is the second time clockwork has gone above and beyond for me and I know it’s not easy at their small size.

Also I hope I never have to open this thing again because I know it’s designed to be modular and it was quite easy to swap the screen consequently but man, one slip of the screw and you are taking some paint off. The kickstand bar took a bit of black off one of its spools though that’s covered by a screw thankfully.

I’m hoping there’s the possibility at some point for clear anodized aluminum faceplates or milled stainless even, just for the front and back that take the most abuse, because I’m pretty sure even a stray glancing blow of a screwdriver missing a screw head would scratch the paint.