uConsole - Alternate Display

Does anyone know where we might source an OLED or maybe capacitive touchscreen in the same 65x120mm /w MIPI interface?

AliExpress has many options though I thought perhaps someone in Shenzhen might know exactly where to find a drop in compatible alternative?

I havent gotten mine yet, is there an issue with the included display or are you just wanting a functionality upgrade?

Wants to see if they can upgrade from the stock screen for a potentially higher quality screen or attempt to add touchscreen functionality.

No issues as yet repored with the stock screen

Current screen seems more than adequate. A touch screen sounds like a good idea, but in practice the control elements in a typical GUI are so small in this screen format, that a touch screen would be useless.


Yea I’m actually most interested to see if there is a quick and easy OLED with maybe a higher resolution (QHD would be amazing).

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Since my screen has a stuck red pixel I wholeheartedly support any alt screen options :sweat_smile:

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I use this at work frequently If i get monitors with stuck pixels: JScreenFix - JavaScript Screen Pixel Repair, all you do is move the box on the webpage to over the pixel and leave it for a good long while with the screen on. If that doesn’t work the pixel is probably dead dead.

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Has it ever worked on a stuck pixel? I remain skeptical it’s ever actually unstuck anything.

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It does actually work, but only about 60-65%% of the time. Stuck pixels used to be a lot more common back when LCD and LED screens were still a new thing. I used to have an executable on a floppy for Windows 2000/Windows ME that would open a tiny window and go between flashing the static pattern this site uses and solid red green and blue flashes. I think it was called “Pixel Unsticker” or something.

I use an external flat screen - (it’ is mini HDMI ) the micro to mini HDMI has been a problem with some cables - the DevTerm has a port cover that adds about ~1/8" of thickness some micro HDMI plugs do not have a long enough barrel to engage the port… then there are some compatibility issues with external monitors… I’ve yet to find a micro HDMI to HDMI cable that works and I’ve tried several…

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Just got these and they work perfectly:

Pete B.


That’s good to know because I’ve had trouble making HDMI’s work with the DevTerm…

canakit makes a cable, comes with their enclosure for the pi4… the enclosure is also a heatsink… pretty beefy too… Haven’t recieved my uConsole yet… but i have an extra cable here waiting to try…