Let’s play Pokemon MMO - WIP

I decided on a whim to see if PokeMMO would work on the gameshell.

GOOD NEWS! It runs!

The problem is, the resolution is absolutely stupid. I’m going to try and make it behave. Hopefully.

That said, running it via HDMI, it works great!

Here are some steps to get it working. (note I rewrote everything I initially wrote in a rush before dinner - disregard what I originally said)

  1. You’ll need a pokemmo account to play this. Go to https://pokemmo.eu to make one.

  2. Here’s where you download the files. Get the portable version. https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/portable/

  3. Extract the contents of the archive to somewhere. I chose to put it in the ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/PokeMMO/ directory.

  4. Make sure the files you extracted are in a folder called PokeMMO.

  5. I have made a config file with some basic settings/changes that make the PokeMMO client slightly friendlier on the Gameshell, eg key binds and interface size. I have also included some custom icons found in the forums. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MRkkU59lSbqM14rIe42NoU_2Afg95WgF

  6. Copy the main.properties file to ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/PokeMMO/config/

  7. If you want an icon, copy the one of your choosing to ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/PokeMMO/ ensuring it has the same name as the PokeMMO.sh file

  8. Create a folder in ~/games/ called PokeMMO, and copy the required pokemon roms to the directory you created. I have my files named like this in my config file above, so if you are using it, rename your respective roms likewise:

  9. I strongly recommend initially plugging in your gameshell via HDMI to a monitor, and using a keyboard and mouse (or the arduino mouse mod found on the forums here: Modify the Keypad firmware to simulate the mouse.修改键盘固件来模拟鼠标 ) This is just to get things initially configured. You shouldn’t need it to play, unless you want to chat. I would still STRONGLY recommend installing the mouse mod.

  10. Change the permissions of the PokeMMO.sh file by SSHing into your gameshell, and typing chmod u+x ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/PokeMMO/PokeMMO.sh, then run the PokeMMO file you installed from the gameshell. If all goes to plan, it should start to build the cache of textures, sprites and maps using the roms you have provided. It may ask you to restart the client after doing so.

  11. Enter your credentials, and choose the “remember password” option to save you having to have a keyboard connected in future. Since it is a new device you are logging in on, it will most likely ask you to provide a verification code, sent to your email. Put the code in. Everything should just work from here on.

  12. You will have the best experience playing this on an external monitor. The 320x240 screen simply isn’t big enough to play it. If anyone knows how to scale it to suit the screen, this will be what makes this game a huge success on the gameshell.


Here is a video of it running via HDMI:

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Okay! So my Devterm has arrived.
I decided to revive this little project again. (2 years later haha!) Looks like it just works without much tinkering at all! I used the stock Armbian install that came with the Devterm.

Here’s what I did. I’ll keep it brief:

  1. Go to https://pokemmo.eu/ to register an account

  2. Get the files with sudo apt install pokemmo-installer

  3. An entry in the drop down applications menu will have been made in “Applications/Games/PokeMMO Installer”. Run that, and it will set up and update what you need.

  4. Exit after it loads up. You’ll need to source a bunch of rom images, and put them in the directory /home/cpi/.local/share/pokemmo/roms/
    I’m pretty sure you can name them anything, and the client will auto detect them. You also should be able to specify which directory to search, but that didn’t work for me.

  5. I actually do own physical copies of all of the above, and if anyone really wants to see them I can post a picture. I dumped all of my Roms myself, so can’t offer any advice on where to get them from.
    Either way, you might need to get them onto your Devterm somehow. I used a micro SD to USB adaptor to copy them over from my gameshell installation. Unfortunately it wasn’t detected as it was plugged in. You’ll need to mount it if that’s the case for you.
    I won’t provide a step by step tutorial to do that, but here’s a link that will! How to Mount a USB Drive in Debian

  6. Load up there client again. All of the Roms should be detected, and assets loaded up. Log in with your details from step 1. If you’ve made an account before, you’ll need to verify the new device via email. It took me a few attempts, restarting and verifying again to get it working, but it eventually will send the email.

  7. If you want to use the Devterm dpad (you really do) you’ll need to set it to a keybord mode.
    Here’s a brilliant post showing you just how to do that.
    Using Gamepad arrows and buttons in command line apps - #2 by Godzil
    Look carefully at the number, as dip switch 2 is on the left. I found that our through trial and error! From here, just map your keys to whatever you want in the options.

  8. Done! That should be all you really need to do.
    Or maybe not. Another thing I have done in general to my interface of the Devterm is change the display scale to 1.5x. A lot of dialogue boxes are too big for the stock 1x scale, and you can’t access the bottom half. This solved it.
    You can find the option to change it in the dropdown “Applications/Settings/Display”
    Here’s what I changed:

Finally, here’s a small video of PokeMMO running. Much better than it was on the Gameshell. The wider screen, keyboard and mouse actually make it playable!

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I admit, I don’t have much interest in this game, but thank you for the post. As always, it’s got other great info I’m glad to have read. The instructions for mounting, gamepad remapping (which I’d seen before but had kinda forgotten), and the screen scaling are great!

So you’ve effectively got a 1920x720 screen to work with now, nice (1280x720 with a bit of extra room down the side.) How are the fonts with the scaling? Is there a way in linux to scale up the fonts a bit, if needed?

I’m glad I got a devterm, but I’m also glad you got one too. :slight_smile:
(I still haven’t put mine together yet, but will do soon.)

Oh good! I remember you were on the fence ish I think?
Finally I can start to contribute to the community! Yay!
To be honest, I did this more as a continuation of a previous project from 2 years ago. Realistically I don’t think I will play games on the dev term much. Just don’t have time.
I actually make models a lot, and it’s been competition season - so luckily I was in build mode and snapped my Devterm together stupidly fast! Compared to my custom gundam, it was child’s play!

Oh and re 1920x720, it actually scales pretty darn well! Fonts are passable. Not 100% but I’m not bothered. In the pokemon thing, you can scale the entire interface. Oh dang! I forgot to mention that! Thanks for the reminder!
As for normal use, I guess in a browser, you could just scale the entire thing. I think there is a way to scale fonts globally as well, but I didn’t bother, since I have good eyes (from not studying enough as a kid ;))
Here’s an example of how it scales.

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