Let's Get PokeMMO working on this

anybody get pokemmo running on this yet!

There appears to be an arm version that’s been ported.


Gonna check it out ill let u know if i got through!

Good luck! I hope it works, I know the game is closed source, so if it doesn’t work I’m sure we can get creative. I’m a Pokémon fan myself, never played the game but I’ll make room in my life for another Pokémon game :joy:

If you really want to know im
Coding a pokemmo ecounter it counts pokemon !

I got it working it awsome looks grea i used the linux download from the PokeMMO sight

Hey, could you please make a youtube video of you playing? I would love to see it in action.

Will do ill probably make tge tutorial on howi did it also !


YES!! Do it bro, I have a long way to go, watch videos from you will make it more fun to wait. Can’t wait for the upload!