Let’s play Pokemon MMO - WIP

I decided on a whim to see if PokeMMO would work on the gameshell.

GOOD NEWS! It runs!

The problem is, the resolution is absolutely stupid. I’m going to try and make it behave. Hopefully.

That said, running it via HDMI, it works great!

Here are some steps to get it working. (note I rewrote everything I initially wrote in a rush before dinner - disregard what I originally said)

  1. You’ll need a pokemmo account to play this. Go to to make one.

  2. Here’s where you download the files. Get the portable version.

  3. Extract the contents of the archive to somewhere. I chose to put it in the ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/PokeMMO/ directory.

  4. Make sure the files you extracted are in a folder called PokeMMO.

  5. I have made a config file with some basic settings/changes that make the PokeMMO client slightly friendlier on the Gameshell, eg key binds and interface size. I have also included some custom icons found in the forums.

  6. Copy the file to ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/PokeMMO/config/

  7. If you want an icon, copy the one of your choosing to ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/PokeMMO/ ensuring it has the same name as the file

  8. Create a folder in ~/games/ called PokeMMO, and copy the required pokemon roms to the directory you created. I have my files named like this in my config file above, so if you are using it, rename your respective roms likewise:

  9. I strongly recommend initially plugging in your gameshell via HDMI to a monitor, and using a keyboard and mouse (or the arduino mouse mod found on the forums here: Modify the Keypad firmware to simulate the mouse.修改键盘固件来模拟鼠标 ) This is just to get things initially configured. You shouldn’t need it to play, unless you want to chat. I would still STRONGLY recommend installing the mouse mod.

  10. Change the permissions of the file by SSHing into your gameshell, and typing chmod u+x ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/PokeMMO/, then run the PokeMMO file you installed from the gameshell. If all goes to plan, it should start to build the cache of textures, sprites and maps using the roms you have provided. It may ask you to restart the client after doing so.

  11. Enter your credentials, and choose the “remember password” option to save you having to have a keyboard connected in future. Since it is a new device you are logging in on, it will most likely ask you to provide a verification code, sent to your email. Put the code in. Everything should just work from here on.

  12. You will have the best experience playing this on an external monitor. The 320x240 screen simply isn’t big enough to play it. If anyone knows how to scale it to suit the screen, this will be what makes this game a huge success on the gameshell.


Here is a video of it running via HDMI:

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