Lets play Rick Dangerous

For those among you having problems to install Rick Dangerous, where RetroArch fails to download or install it’s core and / or content. This is the easy way to get it up and running in no time.


You will need to download and copy a simple installer script file to your GameShell, more information about how to do this may be found here: How to transfer files with tinycloud through ssh

As sidenote, my GameShell is running on stock GameShell OS, version stable 1.21. I did not have to install additional packages for this to work.

The provided installer script, details and readme on github, is quite simple and straight forward, written by me. It will download the core source and game data, compile and install it, also download a menu icon and install it and add the menu item for the game. You may choose where to install the game menu icon, either in top level, Apps or Retro Games. If Apps does not exist it will be created with an icon from @Micro007. The game icon too may be choose, my default or the ones created by @aluqard. For more details about the steps the installer is performing, simply open it in a text editor and read it’s contents.


  1. Download the installer script: install-rick
  2. Copy install-rick to /home/cpi on your GameShell
  3. ssh to GameShell
  4. Execute the installer by typing the following line into the console and hit the enter key:
    source install-rick
  5. Choose place of menu item and icon
  6. Wait until completed
  7. Remove the installer by typing the following line into the console and hit the enter key:
    rm install-rick
  8. As instructed by the installer, either launch RetroArch and quit it again, or reboot GameShell to reload the menu

Thank you so much man!

Any way to change the controls? I figured them all out but it’d be cool to edit them

Yes the controls are tricky, more information can be found here: Libretro XRick Docs

I may have a look at it. The original does also provide a few cheat modes, not bound to any control yet in Libretro, and ways to start at any given level in the game, see How to play XRick. The libretro remapping is not implemented yet. I won’t make promises, I am drowning in work at the moment. Should I find time this week, I will create a copy of the source and estimate if these features could be implemented.

Thanks for you Apps icon, I think I could adapt the installer to go for Apps right away, don’t like to have too much on the main screen either.

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It would be good to change jump from up on the dpad to B. I used to play Rick Dangerous on my Amiga with a joystick, but after years of console games pressing up to jump just seems so alien and unnatural.

I updated the installer, you may now choose out of 3 places where to install it, also in Apps with @Micro007 his Apps icon, and which game icon to use, among them the icons from @aluqard.
The installer will also update the core, should there be news in it.

@Micro007 and @bigeasy_uk I had a look at the source code. It is easy to compile the whole with other configuration settings, however it would take some more time to add other buttons for jump/fire/dynamite, and even more time to make it right, the retroarch way with options and controls that may be set in retroarch menu.

XRick is not quite like the original, levels, music and sound. Now as the Amiga emulator is running on GameShell, XRick is rather disapointing. The music of the Amiga game is much better and the sound effects too. And there is of course also Rick Dangerous 2.

I prefer to invest more time into the Amiga emulator, that is my main goal. I may still come back to XRick somewhen in the future, however it is not my first priority. Sorry about that.

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Hey man no problem. Appreciate the tags, btw.

I’ll follow the AMIGA updates. I’d rather run with a core than Xrick. Good luck!!

I found it interesting as I remembered this platform to play a game.