PSA: arm64 Retroarch cores

For anyone interested in retro gaming: it’s easy to install Retroarch on DevTerm with sudo apt install retroarch, but then it’s a bummer the first time you navigate the UI to learn that there are no emulator cores. This is because the main core library in the Libretro repo doesn’t include arm64 (aarch64) builds.

I wanted to let folks know that this repo does provide arm64 core builds. I wasn’t able to just point Retroarch to the URL and install them through the UI though. Instead I had to manually download them, extract them, and copy the core files to the retroarch cores folder (which for me was at /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/libretro/).

With that done it was straightforward to map the DevTerm d-pad and ABXY buttons in the Retroarch UI, and I was playing Playstation and Super Nintendo games in no time. I think I still have some fiddling to do with sound and video settings, but generally Retroarch is looking functional to me on the DevTerm.


great work digging this up. thanks for sharing it!