Let's Play VVVVVV

Hi everyone,

as a follow up to my previous post (Let’s play x86 games!), someone suggested that I tried to bundle VVVVVV’s free edition as a demo, so here it is !

this is based on the latest version (unfortunately not available anymore, had to take it from the web archive) from the dev’s website here : Distractionware.

Obligatory disclaimer : I do not own the content published here (which is stated as absolutely free), but simply adapted it for the gameshell, please contact me if this cause any problem.

Here are the files :
Drive link

How to install :
Simply unzip the file, and put the VVVVVV-Free folder in the menu of your choice. Personally, I put it in the ~/apps/Menu/21_Indie\ Games/ folder, but it should work from anywhere.

Tested in os 0.4


Can you take a minute or two to write a step by step process of getting this to work ?

Compiling is on github but what if we use your premade build, where each files go ? What does the action.config look like etc…

Edit: It works now, I just didn’t realize that everything was included in the folder… Sorry :slight_smile: