Indiegogo update January 16th 2019

News on the GPU Driver for those who didnt get the update by e-mail. :slight_smile:

Is the GPU Driver released?

Looks like it was just released!


That’s great news thanks for noticing! Why there is not a new thread about this here?

It took me a whole day to back up and restore to the 0.2 img. As excited as I am about this, I am equally NOT as excited to do that process again haha.

So with a GPU driver, do you think we will see some Emulation improvements?

EDIT: Flashed to an older 8gig and threw on Killer Instinct MAME (Which had obvious accel. issues… it isn’t any better with the GPU driver) and I also tested mGBA to see if the speed is any better. It would freeze on the BIOS screen. Just letting yall know my findings.

Me, too. Fortunately I flash it into another sdcard.

Agree. The process of upgrade is not as smooth as updating normal OS. I probably will wait for stable release.

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Then you are going to be roughing it. GPU driver is a major upgrade.