Lima driver is a game changer and a power saver and a CPU cooler

Praise Lima driver in OS v0.3!
With Lima, you get proper VSync and say goodby to image tearing.
With Lima, you get GPU acceleration and smooth, stable 60 FPS.
With Lima, you release CPU and make it cooler.
With Lima, you get better battery life and play longer!

But lima is unstable now, hope it be better soon.
Thanks to the developer!


This device is gonna be killer in another year or so.

The community is the best Dev team to have. We all work together.

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seems all true, but I have issues with RetroArch on GB and GBC Roms. The screen is now cut off at the right side, dunno why.

for that I would suppose we would need a dedicated bugtracker and feature suggestion tool, not only a forum.

read my post about this issue

sry, overlooked that :wink:

My clockwork is showing up next week, should I upgrade to the new OS or wait until it’s had some time to work out all the issues

It’s necessary! all these benefits is necessary for a handheld gaming device. bugs don’t bother much.

So I can still run retroarch and pico8 with minimal issues? Pretty much just wanna play genesis, mame and pico8 on this thing.

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look at this Emulators tested with OS v0.3 + lima driver
pico-8 is fine, too.