Screen tearing even with Lima driver

I’ve been testing the new Lima driver for a couple of days and so far it’s working much better than the old one in terms of heat, battery usage and emulator performance.

The problem is that I’m still getting a pretty stable case of screen tearing only on the top lines of my screen, and in can’t seen to get rid of it in any way. It’s always the same portion of the screen which is lagging behind the rest of the image. I was hoping someone here in the forums could have some info on the problem, if it could be hardware or software related and if it could be fixed somehow.

Thanks in advance for the possible info.

Of course I’m in firmware version 0.3, menu version 1.24 and vsync is On.

yes, you are right.
I wonder if it is a screen related problem or Lima related problem.

@riverscn, so you also have the same problem? I thought I was the only one. I wonder the same thing about the screen or driver being the culprit, only time will tell, tough. I even took the thing apart and adjusted the screen ribbon just to be sure it wasn’t related to that.