Linux History shortcut buttons

When typing in Terminal it would be nice to call back old command lines. On a conventional keyboard the up arrow/down arrow will scroll through the past command lines. How do I do this on the uConsol?

Figured it out. It’s the arrows on the game pad.

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If you don’t like the dpad, you can configure different keys in ~/.inputrc and bash and other libreadline programs will use that configuration.

Other tips are Ctrl-R lets you search backwards in bash’s history. Which isn’t exactly what you wanted, but it’s useful in some cases.

I’m a bit of an oddball and I’ve used “Vi mode” in my .inputrc for many years. so I enter command mode (Escape) then use ‘k’ to scroll up and ‘j’ to scroll down. Not for everyone except the most die-hard Vim fans.

~/.inputrc :
set editing-mode vi

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Thanks for the extra info. Does this have any kind of GUI? I have had to work in Terminal to do anything. All my previous work in linux has used either Raspberry pi"s or my pinebook pro running manjaro mate.

Using zsh with auto suggestions plugin could be useful too. You just type the beginning of some command and it suggests what do you want to run in console.

I pretty much only use a web browser and a command line.

Nope. You basically need to read a man page and edit files by hand to set most things up. I blame all this on how painful it is to write GUIs on Linux. (outside of Tcl/Tk, which is basically obsolete)

To give you a GUI-like experience you can install atuin. When you press the up gamepad key (or whatever key you bind) it gives you a searchable popup of your history that you can scroll through.

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