Love2d rendering performance

Where can we download the latest OS? Is 0.4.2 available anywhere? This is the first time I’ve seen it mentioned on the forums. Thanks.


It’s under GameShell (Firmware and Apps)

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Here’s the direct link if you haven’t found it yet


Thanks! I saw the activity on the other thread and the mention of an official release.

Based on other posts it sounds like the video issues with Lima haven’t been resolved yet, but I haven’t tested it yet myself. I’m kind of wondering what all they changed with the latest update and if it’s significantly better than 0.3 and worth the hassle of starting clean again.

Yeah there’s some problem with lima. I only tested with love2d and it seems that stencils are not working, and it segfaults when using stencils + canvas. The version I updated from doesn’t have lima (there’s lima in driver switch but they’re actually both fbturbo) so I can’t really tell how it’s changed. The performance is great though (finally GPU accelerated graphics).

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What OS version were you running before? Lima was only available since 0.3 (not 0.21 or before) but the launcher has Lima setting regardless of OS version, it just has no effect if you switch to it. That would explain why they both had poor fps before, but now it runs faster, because it wasn’t actually using lima before.

Yeah, I was not v0.3 before and there’s only fbturbo.