Love2d rendering performance

the following code ends up in <15 fps:

for i = 1, 100 do, 0, 320, 240)

I’m currently using a second hand machine so I’m not sure if it’s my machine or love2d rendering is really this slow on gameshell. Would like to hear some performance stats from all you guys, with love2d or other tools, thanks!

love2d works fast only when I use lima

How fast are you talking about? I’m also using lima, and the average fps I get <15fps when >50 drawcalls.

How fast are you talking about? I’m also using lima, and the average fps I get <15fps when >50 drawcalls.

not that specific

just ran love2d games smoothly in a low cpu usage

Omamori, the game I developed ( is made with Love2d, how does it run without lima in your machine? (with lima it displays severe graphical glitches)

Omamori is running at ~10 fps with lima and fbturbo on my machine. Is there any difference with your machine?

(Also your games look very nice!)

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I don’t have a GameShell unfortunately, but I received conflicting feedbacks from different people, stating that the game runs like how you’re experiencing but also stating that it runs almost perfectly.

People who are saying running perfectly, did any of them say anything about the framerate?

Yes, I asked him an estimated fps, he said 55-60 fps, maybe a little lower.

I get exactly same fps with lima and fbturbo, I suspect the lima driver isn’t used in my case (I’m changing the GPU Driver Switch in Settings).

Same fps with Omamori too? And you don’t experience graphical glitches with lima?
Yes, seems like it isn’t used even if you select it.

Omg, that’s a big difference. Is he using fbturbo or lima?

Fbturbo, don’t know how he achieved it.

I haven’t seen any graphical glitches yet. I really wonder how he achieved 55-60fps. Would really love to know the exact fps (I added a fps counter on screen)

Honestly all i did was test the two drivers to see which one ran best and the fbturbo driver is the best one for the game. I honestly didn’t use a frame counter. i just guessed the frames per second to be honest with y’all

Thanks for the feedback! What about lima, what kind of graphic glitches are you experiencing? Random visual elements missing?

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This type:

They are very likely due to my use of custom shaders.


Thanks for the image!

I just updated to the newest system (0.4.2) and lima runs my game at 60fps (24fps with fbturbo), but have the following problems (that I’ve experienced):

  • has little chance to freeze at the first frame
  • has very little chance to not run at all
  • segfault if I use love2d’s canvas with stencil (setCanvas({ canvas, stencil = true }))

overall unstable, and there should be a few other problems that I only saw one time and forgot.

I also have custom shader, but I haven’t seen any black boxes in my game. I guess it’ll be hard to pinpoint the exact problem since you don’t have a machine.

I updated to the newest system and love2d runs fast with lima. I guess with my old system it’s still using fbturbo even when I selected lima.