MAME Name list change

Hey, I wondered if anyone new how to/ or weather it was even possible to display the MAME roms with there actual game names rather then file names.

I’ve seen on the internet, that there is a xml file that could be changed. But i believe that was for Emulation station. As i can’t seem to find that file in the various retroarch folders anyway.

Any help would be great thanks. Its so confusing trying to figure out which game is which sometimes!

for now
Launcher support alias

like , make a kof98.alias , in the alias file , type the game real name

Is an alias file just a simple txt file renamed?

And will both the original file and the new alias file show in the menu? Or will the alias file somehow replace the file showing up?


I just created a file called “xxx.alias” and put the name in the file, and nothing happened so I’m missing something here lol

Well you’d need to set up your link file from retro arch to detect alias files, and not say zip files. But wheather or not it’ll load from that I have no idea. I’ll try it when I get home!

I’ve made the alias file, shows up and actually launches the game. Now it just shows as ‘game.alias’ and not what I had written inside.

Am I missing a step?

update launcher to 1.21

I am using 1.2.1 I must be missing something,

So alias file
For instance:


Which contains:

Alien vs Predator

And that’s it? It does t need quotations? Or any other script inside?

*.alias is just text file

where did you put the alias files?
for me
I put the game.alias with in the same folder

Yes same here, in with the zip. They are called exact same name, and as I said the alias file launches the game… it’s just the name within the alias file not showing for some reason.

I tried this as well. I created dino.alias, a text file containing only “Cadillacs & Dinosaurs”. Changed MAME’s config file to recognize ‘alias’ instead of ‘zip’. Now I see ‘dino.alias’ and it does, in fact launch the file, but does not present the intended title.

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I finally figured this out! You need to modify MAME’s script at ~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/MAME/action.config to change:




Now all of my MAME games have proper names!

I’m guessing this may work for other RetroArch emulations, but I haven’t tested it yet.

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All I did was highlight the rom. Press SHIFT F4, and create a new file with .alias as the ext.

Worked like a charm