Metal slug mame no grenade button

so i managed to run metal slug but it seems that only two buttons are working shot and jump. Do you know how can i remap my keys ? I’ve seen that there are retroarch config files for controls but i’m not sure which key is which and how to map them. Are there any guides for customizing controls per game? or even better are there pre-existing files for this ? it seems a bit absurd that this does not work out of the box with the correct controls since there are already 4 buttons.

edit: errr… i just noticed that you have to press shift+B to throw grenades , but why doesn’t it just use B, it’s not mapped to anything else

You can save seperate settings per system (called core override) and per game (called game override).
While Metal Slug is running hit shift+menu, hit b to go to the top level menu, then settings, then input and rebind buttons. Then go back to the first menu and save a game override. You can always check if the buttons are working as intended by choosing resume.


i switch to 6 button controller and it remapped the grenade to Y. It is strange that it doesnt map correctly the 4 button controller (default) to the default gameshell buttons.