Game Boy Advance shoulder buttons and MGBA

I just flashed the 0.5 firmware to my Gameshell. I do not have the Lightkey module installed. I have my buttons installed in the Xbox layout.

I would like to map the X and Y buttons to the two shoulder buttons in MGBA but I’m not able to figure out how. A and B work, but X and Y do not seem to be mapped correctly.

Can anyone help with this?

You can change the bindings in the retroarch.cfg

go to ~/.config/retroarch

cd ~/.config/retroarch
cp retroarch.cfg retroarch.bak
nano retroarch.cfg

Or this non command line version:

I had tried to edit that file but I really don’t grok what I’m seeing in there. But I think I have it working now based on that second link.

In case others have this problem, in MBGA, load a game, and then hold down Shift and press MENU. That will bring up the QUICK MENU.

Use the D-pad to go down the list to Controls and select that (with A if you’re using the Xbox layout). D-pad down to “Y button”. Don’t use A to select that, but rather use the D-pad right button until you see “R” selected. Be sure that reads “R” and not “Right”.
Those are different things.

Then D-pad down again until you see “X button” and change that in the same way to “L” (not “Left”).

Then D-pad up to near the top of the CONTROLS menu and then select “Save Core Remap File”.

After I did this, things started working as I expected.