Mouseball Clicking Inoperable

Got my uConsole today and assembled. I can move the mouse in all directions without issue, but clicking in the ball doesn’t click. Should it do a left click on press?

Yo, when you click with the trackball, it s the middle mouse button. Try to scroll a web page maybe…

Ah, you’re right. Its middleclick. It doesnt scroll, but it will open links in a new tab. Not sure useful. Does rebinding that to a click require a firmware flash to the KB?

The circular L and R buttons are your Left and Right mouse buttons with the trackball being the Middle mouse button. Not sure about your rebind question. I use the trackball click a lot for opening links in new tabs and would not recommend using it for a more important mouse button, it is kinda mushy and easy to think you clicked it when you just didnt press hard enough.