Can't "click" with the trackball

Hi, I’m having a weird issue with the trackball. I have the CM4 model. I flashed my SD card, inserted it, and up came the Raspbian setup wizard. I could move the cursor around with the trackball but was unable to click on any buttons. However I COULD click into text fields.

I got through setup with a combo of keyboard + trackball. Now that it’s setup, I can’t use the trackball to click on any icons. I can’t open the browser or any other icon in the taskbar. I can however SELECT the wastebasket on the desktop. I can’t open it though through double clicking. I need to hit enter on hte keyboard to open it after selecting. Weirdly I can choose menus and menu options with the trackball in the file browser.


uconsole trackball click is the mouse middle button

so you need to use L R button to do the left / right mouse button click

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Well I feel stupid. Thanks!