How to edit menu order

To edit menu order, edit the items from “/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/” folder adding “index”+"_" to file / folder item, for example:

cpi@clockworkpi:~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell$ ls -1
20_Retro Games
60_Music Player

live example:


Nice hint, I cant stand seeing “Poweroff” item in the middle of the menu, it’s better in the end as yours.

nice order

will include

You should know that if you update the launcher, you will have duplicated entries. You’ll have “99_Power Off” and the original “Power Off” will be downloaded again :frowning:

git reset wont able to fix this issue?

I guess so, but that’s not as straightforward as updating the launcher through the GS menu. That solution needs you to update the repo from ssh.

in fact

launcher’s update is just a git pull && git reset --hard hashnumber

so if git can handle rename issue of folders ,that will be no problem at all


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Oh I don’t know that. I have had duplicated icons/folders when updating, so I went back to the default. Don’t know how if this behaviour has been changed.

created pull request:


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