Not all things can be ordered

in the shop, I have noticed:

It is possible to order:

  • DevTerm with A-06
  • DevTerm with A-04
  • DevtTerm with CM3 (out of stock)
  • DevTerm with R-01
  • core A-06
  • core A-04
  • core R-01
  • CM4 adapter
  • motherboard, part1 (where core is installed)

But it is not possible to order:

  • DevTerm without any core (so people can use the CM3 or other core which they already have)
  • DevTerm without core but with CM4 adapter
  • DevTerm case but without DevTerm
  • motherboard, part2 (where the other half, the usb, the printer,)
  • motherboard, part3 (where the batteries)
  • printer
  • keyboard
  • screen
    (if someone wants to replace damaged part for example?)

Why it is this way?

Hi. I’m a member of Clockwork Tech. Glad to have you here.
Firstly, DevTerm with CM4 adapter is available. You can find it in our online shop.
The other parts you mentioned are not available at this moment because of two reasons.
A. The Postal Service (EUB) we used in the past to ship GameShell parts was an affordable way for parts, but COVID has been affecting, the carrier can not guarantee delivery time. So we can not use it anymore.
International express services that we’ve been using are quite expensive. Some times shipping price can be higher than the product.
So we have to limit the in-stock parts to some certain kinds, the cores and the mainboard, so some developers who only want to code can have a more reasonable way.
B. Despite the shipping price, chip shortage is the other main reason for us to not sell every board. The supply chain is still challenging. We’ve decided to focus all we have on fulfilling theorders and aftersales service.

Therefore, we can only maintain a rather short product list at this moment. But when the shipping service and chip supply become normal, we’ll start to make a lift.
Thank you for your attention.


BTW, if DevTerm users need any replacement, they can email us, or directly to me
We will assist.