DevTerm shipping time?

Hey there,

I’d looove to have one of these DevTerms for Christmas! They look super cool, so nice work for designing this product.

I was wondering what the current shipping situation is… I live in the United Kingdom, so roughly how long do you think it would take to dispatch a DevTerm from the warehouse to over here in the UK?

It looks like the A06 series is still in stock (403 left atm*), but of course it’s estimated that the DevTerm will take 60 business days to deliver according to the site. Has the situation with regards to the impact of the chip shortage and pandemic etc. changed? It seems that the FAQ says in general that it takes about 10-15 days to ship, but I should imagine that’s for other, more established products such as the GameShell.

Any responses would be much appreciated! Even those of you lucky people who have a DevTerm already would be a big help if you could estimate how long it took from placing an order to receiving your kit took.

Many thanks!

*Seems that Wix tells you stock levels if you enter a high number such as 999,999 and try to add to cart. Handy tip for those who are wondering how many are in stock!

most people who got a DevTerm already preordered quite a while back, since they weren‘t even produced at that time we waited quite a bit of time… so I can‘t say what the situation would be for new buyers. You need to ask the DevTerm people :smirk:

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Yeah, based on my experience of this. I can say that you may get it next Xmas.
I ordered the A04 unit around late Jan, which they claimed to be shipped around 31th March (less than 60 business days). Now I am still waiting for it. So, the math is rather simple.

maybe, but the A06 are already manufactured, the A04 was on preorder in january and still in planning phase…

Yeah, the fact that it says that it’s in stock and doesn’t appear to be a pre-order situation any more hints that they may be ready to dispatch right away, but I can’t be sure. I’ll try and ask the DevTerm people to see what they say!

Thanks for your help, people!

Edit: I’ve sent an email to the ClockworkPi people, and I’ll update with what they say as soon as I receive a reply, just for others who are wondering how long it’ll take.


Still no reply from ClockworkPi just yet… I suspect they’re quite busy towards the end of this year!

Been asking on the Discord server and it seems a few others are unsure as to when they would receive their A06.

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Got a reply from them today:

Hi James,
The 60-business-day shipping policy includes the producing duration.
Normally it wouldn’t take so long, but there’s a long public vacation ahead at our manufacturer’s location.
As you know, the vacations are never only about those a few days, they make everything slower even weeks before and after.
Best regards.
Clockwork Tech LLC

In the end, I was lucky enough to find someone on r/clockworkpi who is selling a DevTerm and a GameShell (with the DevTerm parts not even assembled yet). I’ve bought the DevTerm off of them, and it should come in about a week or so. (Of course Christmas does complicate things, though!)

I’d definitely suggest that ClockworkPi should contact local suppliers (eg. Pimoroni and The Pi Hut here in the UK) to see if they’d stock the DevTerm and the GameShell. It’s clear that there’s a healthy demand for these products (I mean, look at this forum and the Discord server), so I’m sure that through local suppliers, they would sell more units with a much faster shipping time. Just a thought!

given the parts situation I don‘t think they can produce more than they are selling now…

Fair point! Hopefully after coronavirus and once global shortages come to an end, they’ll be able to increase their throughput. Not that I’m an expert in how supply chains work, so of course, it might be more complex than I can imagine!