Plans for upstreaming/mainlining A04 and A06 support?

Hi ClockworkPi folks,

Are there plans to try and get the patches for the A04 and A06 into upstream Armbian, or the kernel patches into the mainline kernel?



I’ve emailed w/ Hal from ClockworkPi about it as part of getting Manjaro ARM running on the A06, and I’m planning on working on upstreaming the kernel patches for the A06 based on the Armbian patches released by ClockworkPi w/ some of the edits made for Manjaro ARM.

Looks like the A04 uses a different SoC, so it’s probably a separate beast.


Yes, the A04 is an Allwinner H6. Hopefully at least some of the kernel patches are common for both (e.g. the axp20x driver changes, the panel and backlight drivers perhaps)?

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