Print files for DevTerm chassis


can we get the print files somewhere? I downloaded the provided obj-file from the shop, but it is just all parts together , no single parts hat I could cut, only the assembled unit… Am I missing something?
It would be helpful to have in order to design a modified back cover…

The single OBJ file has multiple individual objects, neatly aligned so you get a complete assembled unit when you view them all at once - but they’re still individual objects.

The object you’re looking for is labelled “object_82” in the file.


In case whatever tool you’re using doesn’t like handling multiple objects, I loaded the combined OBJ into Blender and exported just the back panel for you. You can download it here for the next 30 days.


Thank you, that is really helpful!

I am not good with graphical programs, the for the CAD I do I use openscad :slight_smile: So thanks for cutting the relevant part, now I can import it in openscad and manipulate it there…

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Yeah I printed most of the parts of a devterm for a mockup over the summer and just opened the OBJ in Blender, deleted the parts I didn’t want and then exported what remained as STL for my slicer.

I know this is solved already, but here is a zip file with the model split up: - Google Drive
It’s separated by category, which might not be helpful for printing, but it’s helpful if opening the large file sis a problem.

(I posted this a while ago)


Thank you @DustinWoods and @ghalfacree , now just to find a place afforable enough to print lol