STEP files for the uConsole?

I’d like to 3D print a custom face plate for the uConsole but can’t seem to find the OBJ & STEP files. After ordering from this page:, I end up with a link that prompts me to download files for the DevTerm (DevTerm 3D Models OBJ STEP format GPL Has anyone had any luck?


Go to their github page u will find them

你需要去社区找到促销代码 输入之后就能免费购买 然后订单完成就能下载

我使用了促销代码,但它给了我 devterm 的文件

重新用促销代码买吧 我下载的是uConsole 3D Models GPL v3这个文件 包含了obj和stp格式

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我又试了一次,它奏效了!感谢您的帮助 gcs007!

不客气 顺利的话 可以发发你的成功改造成品吗