Processing/Java code to print directly to Thermal Printer!

Hi! So one major reason for me getting the DevTerm was to get back into / catch up with creative coding, so I’ve started using Processing again; and am experimenting with using it in combination with the Thermal Printer for rapid ‘data visualizations’ in design/ideation/workshop scenarios…and stumbled across old code that I used at design school to send PGraphics/PImage objects to a system default printer WITHOUT intermediate printer dialogue.

So find my code for that here

And see attached image of using it in a Processing project—really chuffed with this.


neat! ya the fact its available via CUPS is pretty fun, I wanna look at different rasterization techniques that this printer might excel with

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Cheers, the dithering algorithm in the Processing example seems to work well for images, added a variable to control the offset value for more or less “grain” as well. Text is still an issue, may approach it through a custom JPTextpane styleset…

By the way, really looking forward to try the Field Shell out, plus the RTL mount. Do you have any recommendations for lighweight resources to get started with RTL-DSR stuff?

none of them are particularly well suited to the devterm, but people seem to like sdr++


thanks! would love to build a ‘friendly’ sniffer based on sth like tempest but wrapped in processing visualizations/devprint features…