Using thermal printer with Glabel

Well, It’s fun to be able to just pipe text into the thermal printer. But that’s rather limited in usage. On the other hand, it would be great if I could use it more like a label printer, since thermal paper with adhesive backing is easily available. I tried to use the command lp and lpr on it. it was able to print raw text (but in huge font). However failed to print any pdf or postscript (maybe the page width was never configured properly).

I previously was able to use LiberOffice to print stuff to it, with custom page size. But LiberOffice is a rather heavy tool for a tiny devterm (and I got A04 for battery life).

Well, I finally arrived at the tool called glabel. This thing is a simpler UI with the bits of feature I like.

Of course the tool come with down side, like many other GUI tool on devterm, it doesn’t thought about there could be tiny screen on this world, and some of the popups you can’t see the second half since devterm’s screen is two flat.

Discovering this tool is a big one for me, I figure it’s worth sharing to the group in case anyone else is still looking.


Is this it? I couldn’t find anything similar called glabel.

Yeah, this looks right.

I actually found it through here GitHub - jimevins/glabels-qt: gLabels Label Designer (Qt/C++)

I print notes on self-adheasive paper all the time - mainly todo list, shipping addresses, notes and packing list…