Python Arcade crashing issue

Hello everyone, this is my first post, so please let me know if I broke any rules.
I basically follow the tutorial as this: Programming GameShell games with Python and the Arcade library

However, the demo will failed to start, and it seems to me that the demo crashes when it’s being launched. The demo runs fine on my computer.

Just wander if anybody had the same experience like this, and would like to know how to resolve this issue.

Much appreciated!

Arcade moved to using OpenGL 3.3. This adds a lot of power/speed to the library, but unfortunately this breaks compatibility with a lot of simpler hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi and GameShell.


Thank you craven! Good to know!

Thanks for letting us know.

If you still want to use the Python Arcade Library and this example template on the latest GameShell OS version 0.5, you must make sure to install the arcade library up to 1.3.4 together with pyglet library up to 1.3.3

> pip3 install arcade==1.3.4 pyglet==1.3.3

There’s a working template here:

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Thank you for the information!
Any recommendation between Arcade and Pygame libraries?

Just confirmed GameShell OS v5 works with arcade 1.3.4 and pyglet 1.3.3, the template provided by @k15 works flawlessly on my device.

Do you know how to make sprite animation with arcade 1.3.4 by any chance. I spent some time on the sprite sheet/animation feature, but for some reason it only load the first sprite and doesn’t display the rest of the sprites. My sprite sheet is a 256 by 256 image containing all 16 sprites.