Question about Open Source Policy

Hello clockworkPi folks!

This project looks extremely interesting. I unfortunately missed the Kickstarter/Indiegogo preorder phase, but I am wicked excited to get in once the real orders start up.

I’ve been poring over all the details I can find about this project, and it excites me that this project seems to align with a lot of my own interests.

I have some questions about the project though, if anyone would kindly take the time to humor me :wink:

I am just joining the in the community, so I apologies if any of these questions have been asked already.

I have a question about a line on the Kickstarter/Indiegogo website:

GameShell uses the powerful LINUX operating system and every game published on it will be free, open-source and modifiable. We have included one classic game - Cave Story in GameShell and there will be more free games included in future.

This statement implies some sort of licensing rule, that if any software is written and “published” for the clockwork Pi, that it must be open source/free etc.

Is this true? And what does “Publish” mean in this statement?

My guess is that “publish” means what they put into the OS iso.

If you flash your card with the image, all the stuff it will have is the “published” one.

So it means that everything released by them (ClockworkPi team) will be open source. But lets say I make a software for it, and I give a closed license, thats perfectly fine.

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I agree with your interpretation.

That’s ultimately CPI to decide the real meaning, but they have no way to enforce us on that point, and at the same time that contradict having emulator pre-installed which mean playing (with them) non open source games

Hey, thanks for the reply!

Ah, yeah, that would make better sense. I really like how much they are pushing open source on this platform. Gives me good feelings, like the old Pandora community.

At first I also wondered about Cave Story, because to my knowledge, that wasnt open source. But have since learned about the NXEngine.

Though I wonder if the CPI team informed Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya that they are using his game and IP to promote their platform?

The emulators, themselves are open source. No ROMs are included. Anything that you add to the GameShell are your personal responsibility.


Part of my message was missing.

The point was that emulator mean playing non open source games

Thank you for your question. We obviously like open source, but as everyone said, we don’t have extreme attitudes (maybe we should be more extreme? :sweat_smile:)

We have written to inform Mr. Daisuke Amaya about this of course. In addition it is not an open source, but it is a “freeware”.

Even if it is an open source program, you can still sell it, but you need to provide source code. FYI:

This is a big topic, not simply two sides of the coin…

We may face to more complicated situations, such as:

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