Qutebrowser --backend webkit works, do we have anything better for DevTerm R01?

So, on my DevTerm R01, running Ubuntu, ‘qutebrowser --backend webkit’ works, but isn’t exactly a joy to use. Is there another web browser for the R01 that is working better?

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If I ever get my mini-distro working, I will test several browsers. Qute/WebKit is low dependency tree which makes it easy to compile. Midori would likely be good, but it has tons of dead space in the UI elements which is bad for the DevTerm. Seamonkey has themes that are great for smaller screens, and it’s lighter than most other browsers, while still being mostly compatible with the modern web. TBH, most browsers just suck lately.


Dillo.org works well for me but it’s limited in what it can render.

i’m using Netsurf on my R-01. It works quite well for downloading some stuff from github and low web surfing. besides that you should try terminal based browsers like links or amfora (geminispace) imho :slight_smile: