Reassinging Keyboard Keys

I wish that my volume key behaved as the print icons suggest: key->vol. down; shift-key->vol. up; Fn-key->mute. Mine now is key->vol. down; Shift-key->null; Fn-key->vol. up. I would also like to use the Select and Start keys for other actions, such as Cmd. I have searched but not found a clear method. Does this need to be changed in one of the kernel patched or the keyboard firmware?

So i found a program called AntiMicroX which is mostly for configering game pad buttons to keyboard presses. Its pretty good and made the start/select keys used for combination key presses (have to create them in the advance settings) but youll have to keep the program running in the background for it to work. Hopefully after the ordering calms down a bit, clockworkpi will start patching and cleaning up some of the code.

flash the keyboard firmware, this fixes the volume key.
GitHub - clockworkpi/uConsole: This code repository offers downloads for the latest images of various uConsole models, along with kernel patches, firmware for the keyboard and 4G expansion module, hardware schematics, assembly instructions, and essential technical documents.

Thank you! Compiling and flashing the firmware it shall be.

Whew! At least my volume key now works as it should. Now to dive into the code to see about reassigning the Select and Start keys, but that is less urgent.

Nope, that is not what I would call an amatuer-hacker-friendly repository. I cannot male heads or tails of how to compile a new firmware.

well, the keyboard has 2 switches on the back of it…(if it is the same as the devterm… still waiting on my uconsole) 1 of them changes the gamepad mode to keyboard mode… then you can download and use xbindkeys-config (already the service cpi uses to map keys to functions such as the backlight control) to map the other keyboard buttons

the other switch puts the keyboard in bootloader mode… so neither will break anything if you hit the wrong switch… again… that is the design form the devterm… but I believe it is the same.