A04 volume keys don't seem to work

There is a volume up/down key on the keyboard, and it doesn’t seem to do anything. Tried shift/ctrl/fn/cmd modifiers; nothing.

Anyone have this key working?

Don’t work for me either. They don’t seem to be aliased to anything in the system. I don’t know how the others are (perhaps through the DE) but simply configuring them into ~/.xbindkeysrc will work systemwide. There are many guides on how to do this, and I am suprised it doesn’t work out-of-box.

this is a desktop issue

sudo apt remove pasystray
sudo apt install  xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin
sudo reboot

then right click the top panel → add New Items to add xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin into to the top panel ,when you see a bigger horn icon

the volume up/down key will work


Thanks this is great. I did the keyboard firmware update and this change this morning and it’s really becoming a nice little system.