Removing SD card issue

The only thing i am not liking on the device for hot swapping purposes is the SD card removal. It is so hard to remove the only way to remove it is a pair of tweezers easily not sure if this is a design flaw but the SD card slot needs to be lower down so you can get a grip of the SD card better. Also when you pop it out it don’t fly out you need to grip it firmly to pry it out, When putting the card back in you need something sharp to make it click all the way.

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I’m probably going to use a small piece of tape to make a grab tab with. Used to have to do this to CF cards on one of my older PDAs.


I don’t think this is a flaw by any means - more so nitpicking.
Having the SD card recessed ensures additional safety for the SD card. You could purchase an SD card extension or use a piece of tape if it’s an issue.