Memory card ejection

hi,i i have cut away part of the back case to allow memory ejection, because i’am sick of taking it apart to eject it to flash etc.(but i guess thats what is made for really)
but i had to mod memory card, well made an extension to it using old plastic lotto card, cut and layered.
either that or use tweezers. i can now eject it using just my thumb nail.
had to keep wires in place. with one of the rubber plugs. works fine.
also placed copper heat sink on cpu and memory only.

Nice to see a hard mod example!
Would it be possible with your mod to instead have a slit cut, instead of an entire wall edge removed? Mainly with regards to the durability of the modification you made to the SD card.

There was a mod that was similar in principal, just having the SD card externalised.

hi, yes that was my initial thought but it’s so fiddly lining card with the module slot. the case is still sound and solid. Really instead of removing the piece it could have been angled in ward but you would require a heat source to soften plastic and bend it in, didn’t want to melt it lol.
That would solve the issue of alignment and keep wires out of the way.
just wanted to see if it could be done.
Sd card looks a bit dodgy but it is solid, it’s that theres so much space between slot and outer case.
Wll take a look Thanks

i have cut a little too much away though.