Sacrificial uConsole Footage Request

Hello everyone!

I’m still working on that uConsole review and I could use a particular piece of footage I can’t get myself. If y’all haven’t noticed, the printing on the front and sides of the uConsole scratches off pretty easily – so easily I couldn’t get footage of it before it happened. If anyone could send me some footage of scratching a little bit of it off with their fingernail or something – so I can include it in the video – I’ll give you a shoutout or something to make it worth your while. (I don’t have any digital forms of payment, I could maybe figure something out though)


I’m not sure I understand. You scratched off all of the silkscreened text from your uConsole’s chassis before you could film it? And you want someone else to do it too?

yeah that’s about the size of it – i’m not denying that it’s braindead lol

(if it makes it any better it had already gotten scratched enough that it looked awful after maybe 2 weeks, then i decided to scratch it off to look better before i realized “wait, i should’ve filmed that” lol)

Well good luck getting someone to do yoyr request but thought i should let you know, on alex new update (batchs are getting sent off now) he mentioned that they have a new supplier for the metal production at the beginning of the Q2, this might effect the quality of them (hopefully for the better) and also might be worth mentioning in your review, if i get mine and its hella scratched or warped i might be able to help you out because im leaning towards the opinion of having a rough looking uconsole with stickers slapped all over it

interesting – i’ve been thinking of buying a second uconsole for hacking & parts, potentially i could use that for the footage

though then the video might come out next year rather than next week :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats fair post the video after its out