Screen and battery? Any specifics?

I am interested in buying the Gameshell, however I am not able to find info about the two most important things about the device (IMO): the screen resolution and the battery life.

I mean, I probably won’t buy a gaming device that holds like 3 hours and have like 320x240 screen.

Does developers have any info on that?

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The battery I know carries 1050mAh. As for the screen resolution, this has not been listed anywhere on the campaign so that would be a question for @yong.

1050 does not really tell much in terms of the actual hours. The power consuption depends a lot on the software. It would be nice to have some sort of evaluation, like “playing a gameboy advace game - x hours”, “running simple python game -y hours”, etc.

Not communicating that data clearly makes me suspect that battery life will likely suck.

I'm personally got going to use the GameShell to play GBA games. The GameShell can emulate just about anything that has an emulator ported to ARM, and every game pulls a different amount of energy (e.g. pong vs Doom).
As well, the GameShell team has not advertised being game developers or owners of large quantities of retro games for bench-marking, so the lack of data could simply be the lack of content to legally test on the system. And again, with the large breadth of games and variance in power draws from games and interest of each individual user there's not a standardized way to measure the lifespan of the GameShell for all users. What we do have is the quantity of the battery and for if you look at how long a similar device uses up 1050 mAh of battery using your game of choice, you'd have the metric you want.
Like I said earlier, though, as I'm not a part of Clockwork and only have the public info of the campaign available, this would be a question for @yong.

It’d be really great if I could remember the stuff I’ve previously posted. Retroactive thank-you to @skywalker101 for posting those specs!

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It has, it is even written on it: 320x240

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Gameshell specifications:

Clockwork Pi development board
SoC – Alwinner R16-J quad core Cortex A7 processor @ 1.2 GHz with Mali-400MP2 GPU
System Memory – 512MB or 1GB (in future revision of the board)
Storage – 1x micro SDHC slot
Video Output / Display I/F – 18-bit RGB display interface, micro HDMI (planned in revision of the board),
Audio Output – Via HDMI, 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0
USB – 1x micro USB port
Expansion – 14-pin header with UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO
Power Supply – 5V via micro USB port or 3.7V battery
Dimensions – 70×50 mm
Keypad board
MCU- Microchip Atmel ATMega160p MCU
30-pin header with flat headers
ISP programming connector
I2C? interface to Clockwork Pi
micro USB connector
Display – 2.7″ RGB display with 320×240 @ 60 Hz
Stereo Speaker Module
Battery – 1,050 mAh good for 3 hours of continuous use, 100 hours standby
Weight – 195 grams


Thank you!
That is very helpful!!

It is a pity, the battery doesn’t last :frowning:

I’m sure it’ll be pretty straightforward to add a larger capacity one.

Best you wait for others to do the same I guess.

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screen is to small. In my opinion 800x600 and 4.2 inch is minimal for gaming.
for music player is ok but not for reading text or small elements.

Is possible to add small screen alphanumeric or other for digits to show how many power is? for example i need only check how hours i can play on my accumulators.

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The original (and the Color) GameBoy have a 160x144 screen, which is roughly 3" (without the ratio this number is completely useless anyway)
The GBA have a 240x160 screen.

So a 2.7" at 320x240 is more than acceptable for what the GameShell is supposed to do.
4" 800x600 (which I can’t find, the smallest I saw is a 5" one) start to get really big, and far from the original GameBoy form factor.

If I take Phoenix Display (which is not necessarily the most representative but yet they have a large panel of display) the, they only have 4.3" display at 480x273 to 480x800, which is not 4:3 screen and they are not going well with old consoles as they are 4:3 (or other weird ratio for portable one)


I’m not young . For me 5" is acceptable :wink:
proportion is not important, psp have different than 4:3


for those wondering what battery is used :slight_smile:

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Why this cable are long?

meybe sockets will be in middle of box. very ners other.

why cable are around?

Two reasons:

  1. If you look at how the board is laid out, the ports fit best at the ends where they are at.

  2. For what is supposed to be a hackable project, having the shortest possible cables limits what you can do with it out-of-the-box. If you look at the image, it’s for a DIY project using the Game Shell components, but in the 3D printed case. They wouldn’t be able to do this as easily with shorter cables that you specified.

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1050mAh battery would be actually used.

Yes, but it is clearly a BL-5C type battery, so buying a replacement with better mAh is easy.

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Well LiPo/LiIon battery capacity is linked with their size so there is definitely a limit on how much you can get. A battery that size, 1050 seems correct, doubt you can get really higher with current technology.

The official Nokia BL-5C is a 1020mA battery, looking quickly, you get between 800 to 1100mAh for that type of battery. Higher will either be bigger (and not fit) or a fraud.

The 2450mAh shown on some pictures earlier are clearly frauds unless being two time thicker than the 1050 one.


You could be right, but just to note: The nokia BL-5C battery is old, I’m hoping there’s more energy-dense BL-5Cs with more recent tech.
And if there’s a thicker 2450mAh battery that fits, I want one.

Lithium battery have not evolve that much in the last 10-15 years. They pack them more tight so we can cram more, but yes, the energy density is not something we can change, and it is technologically dependent.
I mean that we could invent another type of battery that store more in the same space, but for lithium based battery in the current form we are at the limit I fear.

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I did some searching and apparently those gold batteries are just rewrapped Nokia batteries. So I won’t be buying those.