Gameshell vs gameboy zero

Can someone please do a vs comparison between GAMESHELL and GAMEBOY ZERO? I’ll add the link to GAMEBOY ZERO here.

Modded GameBoy:
Bigger Screen (Same resolution)
L/R buttons installed in shell

More powerful processor
Straight Forward customization
Better OS (?)


price is important, but what about working time
how big are accumulator?

I didn’t see anthing about battery life on the page, so I excluded it.

If it used a similarly sized battery-pack:
The rpi zero is generally low-power: So longer battery life(?)
But the screen is larger: so shorter battery life(?)

Without having a benchmark it is hard to say.

Though, the GameShell’s modularization should make a battery upgrade easy (considering the space under the speakers and the dead-space in the battery module).

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screen size is not really going to do anything about battery life; it is the backlight that have real effect here.

“Modded Gameboy” is the number one concern, so unless they are using chinese made shell clone, the number of original gameboy is a finite number, and they are not device worth of being destroyed for making such a thing.

The gameshell use only brand new part, no modding.


Can You put some link?

How about sound system?
GShell have stereo?

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I should have clarified; that is what I meant. The modded gameboy is backlit.

Again, they don’t give much info for the modded one.
I might assume mono sound since the original gameboy had room for one speaker. The gameshell is stereo.


I saw this before this kickstarter campaign ended. It was like $300 then. I wasn’t willing to pay that much


Biggest benefits are: raspberry pi has a strong community and it can run retropie :slight_smile:

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Hi Is it possible to run retropie or recalbox in gameshell?

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Yes actually through CWOS

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How would i do that though? Thank you

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