Show favorite games on top menu

I want to modify my GameShell to show favourited games on the top menu. Right now I am doing it manually following the steps described here: How to add icons on the homescreen that link to emulators?

I would like to modify my GameShell so that the games added to Favourite automatically shown on the top menu. Can someone please point me to a direction into doing this? Thanks a lok!

I suppose one brute force way of doing it is to add EVERYTHING to the favourites menu, and and then leaving behind your favourites. Less than ideal, I know.

One thing that I do is have a separate folder with just my favourite games in it, say from a certain series.

Or do you mean having the favourited games appearing on the main home screen?

Sorry, what I meant by “top menu” is the main home screen. What I want to do is to add the games I am currently playing on the home screen directly on the home screen.

Do you know how “favourite” works in the Retro Games menu? I guess I just need to read the source code of launcher…

if you go into:


you can have a gander at the inner working.

Here’s a preview of There are a few others within the directory too.

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