Skin Development!

Does anyone here know a way to take screenshots on the Gameshell?

xdg is your friend! Let me find a link…

export DISPLAY=:0
xwd -root -out screenshot.xwd

Convert screenshot.xwd with ImageMagick’s “convert” or, open in Gimp and export that way (I use the gimp method).

I like this method because it’s already installed, and doesn’t require a ton of bloated libs be installed on your GS. Could also try the x112vnc stuff, but I had mixed results with that.


Thanks for the help! I’m currently installing imagemagick and will try to capture & convert on the GS. I don’t have Gimp installed and don’t want it only for some screenshots… ^^


$ xwd -root -out screenshot.xwd
xwd: unable to open display ‘’

It doesn’t seem to work via SSH? How do you issue the command?

(forgot to add that bit)

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Awesome, that did it!
I found a command that instantly converts to png, when imagemagick is installed, so

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

and then

xwd -root | convert xwd:- capture_01.png



sudo apt-get install imagemagick --fix-missing

Thanks for the tip!


Oh, typo! Thanks - corrected it!

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lol, I love the tiny cloud icon

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Ok, I heard back from cuu.
I’m fixing the last hard-coded colors now.

I’ll add them to the pull request and hopefully everyone can have their beautiful colors on every page


I saw an above mention about animation for the music player or the UI.

If any developers need or want to implement code with animation, let me know. I do motion graphics & animation and would be more then willing to contribute.

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My latest changes for skinning were included in the 1.22 update.
Please let me know if anyone sees any areas of the UI which aren’t themed

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Thanks for all the work you’ve done on this! I’ll gdt the additions added to my themes in the next few days.
Any idea where I can find these new additions, or what their called? I’m guessing they were added as options to the config.cfg file?
I’ll dig through the code when I’ve got some time.

yup yup, “Disabled” and “Black” were added as colors to customize.
Here’s the complete list:

    Colors["High"] = pygame.Color(51, 166, 255)
    Colors["Text"] = pygame.Color(83, 83, 83)
    Colors["Front"] = pygame.Color(131, 199, 219)
    Colors["URL"] = pygame.Color(51, 166, 255)
    Colors["Line"] = pygame.Color(169, 169, 169)
    Colors["TitleBg"] = pygame.Color(228, 228, 228)
    Colors["Active"] = pygame.Color(175, 90, 0)
    Colors["Disabled"] = pygame.Color(204, 204, 204)
    Colors["White"] = pygame.Color(255, 255, 255)
    Colors["Black"] = pygame.Color(0, 0, 0)

We may want to start thinking about having the option for the UI to specify more granular colors with defaults.
ie: we could have a more specific color option like “MusicPlayer_Spectrum_BackgroundColor” with the default of “Black” if that value isn’t specified.

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Those tapedeck Screenshots from earlier, are these from the OP-1?

Yup that’s right, made a gif that loops for pygame library for the player, second picture

i updated my skin, but still can’t get many of the colors to work.

@follower46 is your list supposed to be working with the 1.21 launcher, or do i need another version?

my config.cfg looks like this

High = #13ad3e		  # ???
Text = #ff6bda		  # Title bar text color (current selection and clock)
Front = #13ad3e		  # ???
URL = #13ad3e	      # ???
Line = #ffb2eb		  # border color of top and bottom title bar
TitleBg = #fdeef8	  # background color of top title bar
Active = #13ad3e	  # ???
Disabled = #13ad3e	  # ???
White = #fdeef8		  # launcher background color
Black = #13ad3e		  # ???

Only the four colors i added a description to seem to change anything in the launcher. Help with filling the ???s also would be appreciated :wink:


Uh, sorry - you answered that part already. 1.22 is not available through the update function, how can it be installed?

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Cloning from github repo

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hi, can u please make a step by step guide for me because im bad at programming, im using FileZilla to navigate between the folders instead of cmd, FileZilla is the same as WinSCP, I just want to know what to change, will you make steps for me, im bad at programming

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