Sleep mode/Suspend?

I’d read in a previous topic (from a while back) that a sleep mode had been tested, but still consumed too much power while suspended. Are there’s any plans to improve on it in a future OS release, or if there’s anyway to enable it despite it’s issues on the current version of the OS - even if it isn’t perfect I still think it’d be a useful feature to have. Thanks!

FWIW, I’m assuming this was the post in question:

The alternative launcher included with 0.4 (Bean) seemingly has a sleep command. I don’t personally use it, so haven’t tested it, however if anyone has any feedback on how effective the sleep works here, that would be fantastic!

Perhaps, even if it’s not a true suspend, having a python command on the main launcher to simply instantly suspend the screen would effectively give people what they want, despite it not being a true suspend state. The icon is sitting there ready to be used after all :wink:

Well I guess its just a matter of linking one of those

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can you just use bean? Theres a standby setting in there. But this was 1 year ago. sorry

We’ve actually gotten sleep working since. @Joao_Manoel’s custom kernel allows sleep, pushing the power button once.

I’ve integrated it into my own custom image, reactivating the sleep icon, and adding sleep to the power context menu.