How do I come to suspend?


If I want to instantly suspend GS,
Or I would like to go to sleep when the battery runs out, like PS Vita

After checking installed packages, acpid and pm-utils are installed.
It is suspend with systemctl suspend, or, pm - suspend, but it can not be recovered.
It only has to restart by long pressing the power button.

cpi @ clockworkpi: ~ $ sudo acpitool
Could not open any of these files: / proc / acpi / info, / sys / module / acpi / parameters / acpica_version
Make sure your kernel has ACPI support enabled.
AcpiTool v 0.5.1, released 13-Aug-2009

Is this also necessary to rebuild the kernel?

If necessary, is there a nice way to create without using the actual machine?


I’m not sure the board as hardware support for suspend. Most single boards don’t (except the Beaglebone Black). I could be wrong though, I haven’t looked at the board in details, but if they had added that feature they would have “advertised it”.

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We have tried this feature and we can suspend most of the parts, but unfortunately we can’t suspend the CPU, because there is a coprocessor driver that is not open source, that means the entire system will waste more than 100mAh, simply put, the battery will be out of power after about 10 hours…
We can’t accept this result, so we removed this feature.


It boots pretty fast compared to other boards so im fine with that

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@hal and everyone.
I understood.


Necrothread resurrection!

Since we’re now playing with a newer kernel, 5.3.6 officially, with 5.4.6 in the works, with newer hardware device drivers, do we now have the required open source coprocessor driver with ACPI support?

No rush, I won’t lose … sleep over it. :wink:

Edit: just bumping this, and reiterating the point made by the OP, re the sleep function being used in a similar way the Vita would enter an automatically induced sleep state when low on power.
We have a notification for that anyway in the gameshell.
Even though the 100mAh drain is unacceptable, I would still prefer a quick suspend for that last 2 minutes of power for me to quickly plug in some power, and avoid losing gaming progress.
I have limited knowledge on kernel development. Did the current kernels address the co processor power drain problems?

Necrothread resurrection returns!

I managed to get some improvements on standby mode. Have a look at:

Not a deep state, but you can freeze the system for some minutes and return to where you stopped.

Can you share what you worked? Would be nice to have it implemented. 10 hours is not bad, how do you archived this?

How can we get the non open source firmware? Is it an u-boot image? Can we flash the firmware and still using our kernel?