[SOLVED] Pico8 screen output + Bluetooth keyboard/mouse

Looking for some tips on pairing a keyboard/mouse over bluetooth + viewing the internal screen on a larger display (ideally an iPad if possible) for use with Pico-8. I guess VNC or something with the HDMI out could be possible?

It’s for writing code on the go in Pico8 not for actually playing games really, so maybe latency is not as big of an issue, making VNC a possibility. Any ideas would be helpful!

Note: Before anyone suggests: Just use a computer and push carts to gameshell, obviously i’m already doing this :slight_smile: I’m just wondering if there is a way to code on the device itself and have a larger screen.


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Got VNC working on my iPad following a combination of this tutorial:

And some extra info from here:

Works pretty well, actually perfect for Pico8 coding as you can use a keyboard paired with your iPad and the touch screen is used as a mouse, performance is totally fine for typing :slight_smile:

I’d consider this solved!

Note: I’m using the app Terminus for SSH + Linux command prompt access + transferring files to and from the Gameshell from the iPad:

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