Source for WiringPi library with A04 support?

I have been tinkering around trying to run ArchLinux ARM on the device, and while I succeded running base system running the same image from Armbian. Long story short, it uses a bit older glib version (2.32) and I can’t use the library on it, this poses problem with fan daemon (so I have to workaround by directly using sysfs for now) and thermal printer. Current library version in DevTerm repository as well as WiringPi fork (a06 patc) seem to have some rudimentary a04 code but register mapping is wrong an no actial register manipulation is done.

TL;DR @guu is it possible to push patch with a04 support to github?

it seems this is the code
but I am not 100% sure , I have a mess with code management

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I’m afraid it’s not. Code for reading and writing registers is empty for A04 model:

And pin mapping is not defined either:

updated in develop branch

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